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Doily is an online store where you can buy a part of a unique tradition in a shape of our handmade decorations, accessories and clothes. By schemes that have been preserved in our family for past 5 generations, with the addition of modern design and organic materials, we are making the highest quality products that can be part of your home today. Explore our website and find some perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Aleksandra Milenkovic


Designed and Handmade In House

Our story begins many years ago when our great-grandmother along with her mother was one of the first ladies in a village who started creating small doilies from a home-made thread. She thought her daughter how to knit and passed to her a love for these small decorations. Over the years our house became full of different doilies. Neighbors, friends and relatives would talk about the most beautiful pieces that women from our family made. We would occasionally sell them at the local markets and give them as gifts to our loves ones.

Seeing that tradition is slowly being forgotten and many crafts lost over time, we decided to step up. Promoting this type of knitting to the rest of the world, we hope that, once people understands its beauty, it wont be forgotten.
You can ennoble your home, office or wardrobe by having this beautiful unity of tradition, modern design and high-quality materials. You can do a same for your loved ones since our unique pieces are exclusive gifts.

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